MC Luxury Catamaran Elite, 8 Tage/7 Nächte Kreuzfahrt, Route B

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Golden Suite

Alle unsere DBL-Kabinen sind Panorama-Suiten, da sie viel Platz haben (ca. 35-37 m2 ca.). Jedes von ihnen verfügt über einen eigenen Balkon, eine Glasschiebetür, um die Aussicht zu genießen, eigenes Bad, großen Kleiderschrank, Arbeitsstation, Schlafsofa.

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  • All meals while onboard & non alcoholic beverages (water, coffee, tea).
  • All excursions as noted in the programs.
  • Transfers (in Galapagos) to /from vessel when arriving on recommended flights
  • English Speaking Naturalist Guide (Galapagos National Park Certified).

Not Included:
  • Guide and crew gratuities (Tips)
  • Galapagos air tickets  (Flights)
  • Galapagos entrance fees (estimated US$200.-pp- but can change)
  • Transit Card (estimated US$20. -but can change); Personal travel insurance.
  • Also not covered any possible Fuel Surcharge.
Luxery Catamaran M/C Elite,
Itinerary B
7-Night Cruise
Saturday – Saturday
(B: breakfast/ L: lunch/ D: dinner)
AM: Arrive at San Cristobal airport where you will be transferred to the vessel.
PM: David Rodriguez Breeding Center
A visit to the David Rodriguez Breeding Center provides information about the origin and evolution of the giant tortoise and explains why the center is so vital in safeguarding the future of these incredible creatures.
Walking through the trails of the reserve, you can see baby tortoises being reared in semi-natural conditions - a brilliant demonstration of the commitment the local people have to preserving the wildlife that makes the Galapagos so special.  
Activities and Excursions: Walk
Difficulty: Soft
( -, L, D)
AM: Española - Suarez Point
Suarez Point is packed with wildlife and is best explored by following the circular walking trail. This memorable walk will take you past nesting sites of large colonies of nazca and blue-footed boobies and mockingbirds.
Unique to Española island are also the beautiful waved albatross, that can be seen majestically launching themselves out across the ocean from the cliffs and the red and green marine iguanas.
A geological highlight are several blow holes, capable of shooting water 25m into the air, that make for a spectacular photo.
Activities and Excursions: Walk
Difficulty: Moderate
PM: Gardner Bay, Gardner and Osborn Islets
The pristine white sandy beach of Gardner Bay dotted with sea lions provides a perfect spot to relax and kayaking or paddle boarding is a fantastic way to observe the large number of waved albatross who use this beach as a breeding site.
A short panga ride will take you to the Gardner and Osborn Islets, which are superb locations for snorkeling with young sea lions and a variety of colourful tropical fish and corals.
Activities and Excursions: Walk, Snorkeling, Panga ride, Kayak/Paddle Boarding
Difficulty: Moderate
(B, L, D) 
AM: Floreana - Cormorant Point / Champion islet
Cormorant Point features two contrasting beaches: one with green-tinted sand due to the high content of olivine crystals, and another with pure white sand (commonly known as ‘Flour Beach’) derived from pulverized coral.
The saltwater lagoon is a must-see as it is frequented by one of the largest population of Galapagos flamingos as well as other shorebirds such as stilts, white-cheeked pintails and large-billed flycatchers.
A panga ride to Champion Islet, an extinct shield volcano, provides a fantastic opportunity for snorkeling in an area that is known for having a high diversity of fish.
Activities and Excursions: Walk, Snorkeling, Panga ride
Difficulty: Moderate
PM: Post Office Bay / The Baroness’ Lookout
Post Office Bay is a man-made site that offers an insight into a remarkable mailing tradition developed by British whalers in the 18th century that visitors can still take part in today.
The beach here provides for good snorkeling and kayaking and it is also possible to descend into and walk through a lava tube.
Next, take a panga ride to the Baroness’ Lookout, a volcanic rock formation named after an Australian baroness, who visited the island in the 1930’s and is believed to have mysteriously disappeared.
A short trail leads to a brilliant vantage point with panoramic views of the surrounding mangroves and coastline.
Activities and Excursions: Walk, Snorkeling, Panga ride, Kayak/Paddle Boarding
Difficulty: Easy
(B, L, D) 
AM: Mosquera Islet
Mosquera islet is a small, flat, sandy islet located between Baltra and North Seymour islands.
With no fixed trail, you are free to explore the beautiful surroundings on foot, where you will encounter a large population of sea lions, shorebirds and the striking Sally Lightfoot crabs that cling to the dark rocks. 
The numerous coral reefs also make it a fantastic site for snorkeling and catching sight of a range of marine life including sharks, turtles and rays.
Activities and Excursions: Walk, Snorkeling
Difficulty: Moderate
PM: Charles Darwin Research Station
The Charles Darwin Research Station provides an unmissable opportunity to find out about the vital work that is being carried out to preserve the archipelago’s ecosystems.
One element of this is a significant breeding programme for Galapagos tortoises, whose numbers have been in decline since the 1970’s.
These captivating enormous reptiles are very accustomed to humans, so be sure to bring your camera for some close-ups.
Activities and Excursions: Walk
Difficulty: Easy
(B, L, D) 
AM: Genovesa - Prince Philip's Steps / El Barranco
El Barranco, also known as Prince Philip’s Steps, is a rocky stairway that will lead you past a colony of nazca and red-footed boobies leads up to a plateau of dried lava. Continuing through the thin Palo Santo forest and looking out over the plain, visitors are often treated to sites of storm petrels launching out over the ocean.
A panga ride or kayaking/paddle boarding along the edge of the cliffs provides a good chance to see the elusive Galapagos fur seals nestled on the rocks, and snorkeling is a great activity if you fancy a dip with a variety of shark species.
Activities and Excursions: Walk, Snorkeling, Panga ride, Kayak/Paddle Boarding
Difficulty: Moderate
PM: Genovesa - Darwin Bay
Darwin Bay has a small sand and coral beach that provides the perfect spot for snorkeling, kayaking or paddle boarding in calm, sheltered waters in the company of hammerhead sharks, rays and a plethora of colourful reef fish.  Onshore, a short trail leads along a tidal lagoon and mangroves, home to a variety of land bird species, including Nazca and red-footed boobies and swallow-tailed gulls. 
The trail culminates at a viewpoint that offers a stunning view overlooking the cliffs and the bay below.
Activities and Excursions: Walk, Snorkeling, Panga ride, Kayak/Paddle Boarding
Difficulty: Moderate
(B, L, D) 
AM: Santiago - Espumilla Beach / Buccaneer Cove
Espumilla beach, located on the northern coast of Santiago island, is an exquisite white sand beach, whose name refers to the meringue-like trails of foam left by the lapping of the waves. Sally Lightfoot crabs are in abundance here and as a result, it is common to see predatory birds such as hawks, herons and pelicans.
This idyllic location is perfect for snorkeling or kayaking/paddle boarding amongst a raft of marine life, including species of octopus, eels and sharks. Buccaneer Cove has an interesting history as it is where sailors, buccaneers and whalers frequently anchored their vessels in search for food and water. In more recent times it has become an important nesting site for turtles and is also popular with sea lions.
A panga ride along the eroded shoreline provides views of intriguing rock formations that provide excellent ledges for boobies, pelicans and gulls.
Activities and Excursions: Walk, Snorkeling, Panga ride, Kayak/Paddle Boarding
Difficulty: Moderate
PM: Egas Port
Egas Port was once the site of a salt mine, but now this impressive black sand beach is an excellent location for snorkeling and observing shorebirds, Sally Lightfoot crabs and marine iguanas.
A stroll along the wide trails inland leads you past tidal pools and rocky volcanic formations known as grottoes where it is possible to spot fur seals enjoying a spot of shade.
Activities and Excursions: Walk, Snorkeling
Difficulty: Easy
(B, L, D) 
AM: Santa Cruz - Bachas Beach
Bachas Beach is a glorious white sand beach on which the remnants of a rusted barge, thought to have been abandoned by the Americans during WWI, can be seen. It is a popular nesting site for turtles, so if you go for a snorkel, you might find yourself sharing the water with these wonderful creatures.
The beach is also full of vibrant Sally Lightfoot and hermit crabs and elegant pink flamingos that frequent the salt water lagoon behind.
Activities and Excursions: Walk, Snorkeling
Difficulty: Easy
PM: Twin craters and the Highlands of Santa Cruz
The best way to appreciate these remarkable, almost identical crater-like holes, caused by the collapse of empty lava chambers, is to take the trail that leads up and around the rims.
From this vantage point, one can revel in the beauty of the surrounding highlands, lush with ferns and an abundance of Scalesia trees.
Here, Bird enthusiasts can also enjoy spotting the distinct red feathers of Vermilion Flycatchers, Darwin’s finches, Galapagos doves and, with a bit of luck, an endemic short-ear owl. 
Activities and Excursions: Walk
Difficulty: Easy
(B, L, D) 
AM: Lobos Island, off San Cristobal
Accessed by panga, Lobos Island gets its name from the herds of sea lions that have made their home here.
Snorkeling in the calm clear water provides a unique opportunity to see these inquisitive and playful animals up close and it is also common to be accompanied by green turtles and rays as well.
Inland, there is a trail where you can expect to encounter nesting sites for blue-footed boobies and frigates.
Activities and Excursions: Walk, Snorkeling, Panga ride
Difficulty: Moderate
San Cristobal Airport
Depart from San Cristobal airport.
(B, -, -) 
***End of cruise***
* Itineraries are subject to change without prior notice due to weather conditions, National Park regulations, emergencies on board or any unforeseen situation.
**It is important for our guests to consider that our 7-night / 8-day Expedition B is a combination of our 3-night and 4-night cruises. During this week-long cruise, our travelers, after finishing their Tuesday morning excursion, will have time to take advantage of our onboard facilities and activities, and then get ready for our next adventure to a new visitor site. Guests doing shorter cruises will disembark and embark on Tuesday; however, it will not interfere with the regular course of our 7-night cruise passengers.


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  • Day 1 AM: San Cristobal more info
  • Day 1 AM: San Cristobal, Breedingstation more info
  • Day 2 AM: Española, Punta Surezz more info
  • Day 2 PM: Española, Gardner Bay more info
  • Day 3 AM: Floreana, Cormorant Point more info
  • Day 3 PM: Floreana, Postoffice Bay more info
  • Day 4 AM: Crusing to Mosquera Island more info
  • Day 4 AM: Mosquera Island more info
  • Day 4 AM: cruising to Island Santa Cruz, Puerto Ayora more info
  • Day 4 PM: crusing to Island Santa Cruz, Puerto Ayora more info
  • Day 4 PM: cruising to Island Santa Cruz, Puerto Ayora more info
  • Day 4 PM: Puerto Ayora, Charles Darwin Station more info
  • Day 4 PM: crusing to Genovesa more info
  • Day 4 PM: on the way to Genovesa more info
  • Day 5 AM: Genovesa, Prince Philip´s Steps/El Barranco more info
  • Day 5 PM: Genovesa, Darwin Bay more info
  • Day 6 AM: Island Santiago, Espumilla Beach more info
  • Day 6 PM: Island Santiago, Egas Port more info
  • Day 6 PM: cruising to Island Santa Cruz more info
  • Day 6 PM: cruising to Island Santa Cruz more info
  • Day 7 AM: arrival Santa Cruz, Las Bachas Beach more info
  • Day 7 PM: Twin Craters, highland of Santa Cruz more info
  • Day 7 PM: cruising back to Island San Cristobal more info
  • Day 7 PM: on the way back to Island San Cristobal more info
  • Day 8 AM: San Cristobal, Lobos Island more info
  • Day 8 AM: Airport San Cristobal more info


Cruises subject to change due to weather condition or regulations of the Galapagos National Park.

Luxury Catamaran M/C Elite

Ship type:
Ship Category:
Luxury Cruises
Construction year:
16 Passengers
38 m
14 m
12 knots
110 V + 220 V
Main engines:
2 x Marine Generator Drive Engines – 550 HP each



  • German guide possible
  • French guide possible
  • Single cabin
  • Triple cabins
  • Interconnecting cabins
  • Kayaks on board
  • Private Balcony
  • Flights to and from Galapagos
  • Snorkel gear (free)
  • Transfers to and from ship
  • Water, Coffee, Tea & fresh juices
  • Wetsuits
  • Sundeck with jacuzzi
  • Standup paddle boards
  • Expedition Binoculars
  • Air conditioning & private bathroom
  • All meals throughout the cruise
  • English guide
  • -25% for children < 12


The Mega Catamaran Galapagos Elite set sail in June 2019 with 16 guests on board. The Elite reaches the azure waters of the Galapagos Islands as the newest yacht in the islands, reinventing luxury, comfort and class!
The Galapagos Elite was specifically designed for sailing the sapphire waters of the Enchanted Islands. A sleek, twin-hulled catamaran, it provides its guests with a steady, safe cruise without the rocking and swaying common to the older, single-hulled yachts that dominated the island cruise industry for decades.
In addition to better stability, the design of the Elite allows for more space for everything on board, including panoramic social indoor and outdoor areas and panoramic suites suites. Guests of all ages can enjoy the ample, semi-covered sky deck, the al fresco dining area and the cozy bar-salon on the sky deck.
Needless to say, the Galapagos Elite features state-of-the-art navigation technology and safety equipment: safety and reliability are essential parts of any Galapagos luxury experience.
All Suites on board the Galapagos Elite are spacious, comfortable and well-appointed: the perfect place to relax and recharge after a day spent exploring the islands. Each suite has ocean view and outdoor private balcony and restroom. All suites can have either one king-sized or two twin beds.
Our signature panoramic windows featured in each suite: unlike the heavy, round porthole windows of the older yachts, each suite on the Elite has grand windows offering panoramic views. They are not even windows, exactly: think of them more as a wall of tempered glass, with a door to get to your balcony. Each morning and afternoon will bring a different stunning Galapagos seascape!
Guests greatly enjoy meals served on board the Elite. Our professional cuisine specialists prepare three delicious, nutritious meals per day: breakfast and mainly lunch will be served buffet-style, with a more elegant sit-down dinner served in the al fresco dining area on the partially covered sky deck.
Meals are always made from fresh ingredients, locally provided from farms on the islands whenever possible. Special dietary needs are never a problem and kids' meals are available.
The Galapagos Elite is operated by Golden Galapagos Cruises, which has plenty experience with the islands, the ships and visitors' needs. The professionals at Golden Galapagos are well-known in the industry for their perfectionism when it comes to planning and operating cruises.

Important. Starting april 2024 the itinerary of the cruise will change (info on request!)


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  1. The reservation is gratis as an option.


  2. If you want to make an fixed booking, there is to pay a deposit of 20%.


  3. The remaining payment is due 4 weeks before departure. In individual cases, such as diving cruises, other rules apply. Information on request.


  • Your payments are insured against bankruptcy!