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Hello dear Galapagos fans:

My name is Pinguino, the mascot of galapagos.de - Galapagos Kreuzfahrten and I belong to the only species of penguin that lives on the Galapagos.


Many, many years ago my ancestors were washed by the cold Humboldt Current from the freezing Antarctica to the Galapagos Islands, which are located on the equator and belong to Ecuador. The Galapagos is geographically the warmest area where penguins can be found. Evolution has made my ancestors smaller and smaller, just like I'm a cute little penguin at 35 cm.


If I “show up” I will give you interesting news.

Have fun browsing galapagos.de - Galapagos Kreuzfahrten.

See you soon … hasta pronto, your



Galapagos Cruises and Island-Hopping

Galapagos Expert Christian Frobeen

The Galapagos expert Mr. Christian Frobeen will advise you on the right ship for your Galapagos cruise.


Mr. Frobeen knows over 50 ships and can give you precise information about the ships. Mr. Frobeen will be happy to advise you by phone at +49 (0)7633 9399360 or via email info@frobeen.de

The trips are accompanied by the best guides and especially organized for individuals, couples and small groups.


Ask for the latest last-minute offers at info@frobeen.de!



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Mr. Frobeen personally supervised television productions in Ecuador & Galapagos e.g. for the following German TV channels: